Very Important Patient-Students

Dr G VIPS are individuals who are making a year-long commitment to themselves, and to me as their teacher-physician, to work towards acheiving their health and life goals.


I have worked with many individuals on a long term basis and see the powerful healing and growth that happens when we are able to have a close and consistent connections between patient-student and doctor-teacher throughout the year. I will always be on both sides of this coin.

Dr G VIPS memberships are available for a minimum $1,500/year donation.

You have an option to receive 10 hours of remote &/or in-person consultations and treatments ($1,500 value) or receive no services in exchange for the donation and enjoy the full tax deduction.

I make time to support about 24 people/year as one of their primary teacher-physicians. This involves following the details of all their healthcare practices (and practitioners), and providing structure and guidelines to create a holistic and comprehensive healthcare plan where we identify my roles in their healthcare team to ensure I am supporting them in the best ways possible with the skills I can bring to the table.
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 After decades of providing one-on-one therapies around the world, I am now focusing a great deal of my time on producing and providing classes and content to reach infinite numbers of patient-students who are ready to Connect, Align, Flow, and Grow. I also spend time working with other medical practitioners and educators to exchange knowledge about the Endocannabinoid System, natural medical practices, and other ground-breaking strategies to improve the level of healthcare we are providing. 


I will always want to spend time ‘in the trenches’ to both hone the skills that I teach, as well as to nurture that key aspect of a healthy life… building long term, close relationships with our most dedicated students. I am so grateful to have a Guru and teachers who continue to nurture me in immeasurable ways. I return to them regularly to deepen my practice and improve my health. I will always pay this forward in the relationships I have with my VIPS. 

Hours of remote&/or in-person consultations and treatments


discount on all additional hours & services, including retreats & workshops


discount on all all supplements and herbs (at physician’s cost)

Dr G VIPS services are provided in order to support the non-profit organization, The Trudy McAlister Foundation and the AOM Scholarship Fund.

Your fees are considered tax-deductible donations to the extent of the laws governing 501c3 donations. Please consult your accountant for further details. Please request receipts if you wish to use them.

All VIPS receive acknowledgement on the site as VIP donors

This is the only non-profit in the country providing scholarships in our field of medicine!

Thank you for supporting the education of our future physicians of AOM!

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