Dr Heather George

As a lifelong teacher, student, healer and philanthropist, Dr G is dedicated to using her many passions and skills to support and inspire people who wish to grow, live and die vitally. She has a deep and unique understanding, from a classical/eastern medical perspective of the historical use of cannabis as medicine, and what is now being called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Her practice focuses on bringing this, and therefore all systems into better balance. 

Dr G. is a Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD/DSOM), Licensed Acupuncturist (LAC), Certified Yoga Therapist (c-IAYT), and Experience Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500), with a Bachelors Degree in Education (BEd). 

Eastern and natural medical practices and philosophies (including but not limited to) acupressure/acupuncture, yoga, meditation, bodywork, herbal therapies, crania-sacral osteopathy, reiki and talk therapy are the foundations of Dr. G.’s practice. 

With over twenty years of experience and practice in multiple healing modalities, Dr G offers a unique, intuitive, individualized approach to her patient-students. Dr G. trains and consults healthcare providers, and treats individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Her patient-students range from those working toward optimum health to those dealing with potentially terminal illnesses.

Dr G. honors deeply her guru Swami Chetananda, her teacher Saul David Raye, her teachers at The National University of Natural Medicine, and all of her teacher-patient-students.

Dr George is the Spiritual Director of The Lotus Way non-profit organization, as well as the Executive Director of  AOMScholarship.org, a 501(c)3 of which all of her services are provided in support.

 Donations are always welcome in support of our efforts to award scholarships to students of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 

Individual Therapy Sessions


In Person & Remote Individual Therapy Sessions integrating Classical Chinese medicine, Classical Yoga Practices, Thai-style Bodywork, Reiki & Cranio-Sacral Therapy. These sessions are unique and individualized for each patient-student to improve mind, body, and Spirit. Sessions are regularly 90-minutes to two-hours.

Patient-Students that pay above the $150/hr base rate will be given a tax deductible receipt.

Patient-Students needing assistance to pay for services may apply for a sliding scale. Inquire directly with Dr G. 

 Click here to learn more about the modalities Dr G practices.

VIPS (Very Inspired Patient-Student) Program

 $1,500/10 sessions

Dr G VIPS are individuals who are making a commitment to themselves, and to Dr. G.  as their teacher-physician, to work towards achieving their health and life goals. Benefits of becoming a VIPS:

  • 10 sessions that will vary in length guaranteed at the rate of one hour.
  • Doctor’s cost on all supplements, oils, and herbs.
  • Structure and guidelines to create a holistic and comprehensive healthcare plan


Custom Retreats

Private and Small-group Custom Retreats for laypeople and medical professionals.  These retreats will incorporate any or all of Dr. G.’s practices and services. One of Dr. G.’s favorite retreats is held on the Big Island of Hawaii where she has been hosting retreats for over a decade, often called ‘Nai’a (Dolphin) Yoga Retreats’.

Speaker or Guest Lecturer

Dr G. specializes in Endocannabinoid System from a classical/eastern medical perspective. She has worked as a consultant for healthcare professionals and a guest lecturer/speaker regarding her expertise and multiple health and healing modalities.

Ceremonial Officiant

 Dr G. has experience officiating marriages, births, deaths and other sacred occasions.

To request more information regarding custom retreats, speaking engagements, lecturing, or ceremony officient please contact here.

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Hear What Dr. G.’s Patient-Students Have to Say…

I first met Dr. Heather George 10 years ago. I was in severe pain with a pinched nerve in my shoulder and couldn’t raise my arm. I had gone to a MD, a chiropractor and done physical therapy without results. After 3 thai-style bodywork sessions with Heather the pain was gone and my mobility was restored.

A few years later Heather’s healing skills helped me avoid surgery for a partially torn rotator cuff. Heather is a miracle worker. I’ve recommended her to several friends who also benefited from her unique combination of Eastern and Natural Medicine modalities.

I’m so excited that Heather now has her doctorate in Classical Chinese Medicine. She has added essential oil therapy and Japanese median therapy to my body work sessions. We are tackling my hot flashes with herbal therapy. She is an amazing healer who has the skills, tools and passion to help you be your best self.

Stacey Kissam

Chief Pet Buddy, Watch Dogs Pet Sitters - Corona del Mar, CA

After my first individual therapy session with Dr. G. I joked with loved ones that my life would forever then be defined by before Dr. G. and after Dr. G. I had tried, practiced, and learned many healing modalities – none of which begin to compare to Dr. G’s individual therapy sessions. I have since become a dedicated patient-student excited and eager to learn and soak up the knowledge and gifts Dr. G. has to offer.

Melissa Romano

Health & Wellness Coach, Student of Dr. G.

Heather George performed a Thai Yoga therapy session on me, lasting approximately 3 hours.  Heather was extremely professional and created a very relaxed and therapeutic environment for the session.  Her command of physiology and anatomy is excellent. Her technique encompassed a variety of musculoskeletal manipulations as well as traditional massage techniques and yoga postures. Not only did my back, legs and joints feel better after the session but I was also mentally very relaxed and more in tune with my body. I highly recommend Heather George for the professional practice of Thai yoga therapy.

Skylar Ulrich

MD, MPH, Board certified in Preventive Medicine

My session with Heather was a complete healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I was so inspired that I will more regularly attend yoga classes.  I felt complete, whole and satisfied with the experience, the results, and the care that Heather gave.  I have been healed by many hands and voices. heather is now and will be great as she moves forward.

Sally Aderton

Real Estate Manager & Healer - Alameda, CA

I had the pleasure of doing a private healing retreat with Heather. This is the ultimate personalized experience! Heather has an amazing ability to blend healing on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) for your unique situation. Our sessions included Thai Yoga Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Naia Yoga (yoga in the ocean), sitted meditation, sadhanna guided meditation, breath work, dietary counseling, and life counseling. Heather also prepared healthy meals specific to my healing needs. Heather is in a special class of healing facilitators. She moves beyond dogma and limiting constructs to address core issues from all angles. Her non-judgemental honesty set me at ease and allowed me to work through fears and limiting thought patterns. I came away from our retreat a new man with increased strength and flexibility, decreased pain, and a healthier outlook on life!

Todd Baszucki

MD, Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Heather George is fantastic. Although initially skeptical, the sessions with Heather helped me on both a physical and mental level. The results were quite dramatic with a noticeable increase in flexibility and a greater awareness of my body. She was able to identify and help to correct areas of stress and tension. By scheduling regular sessions I have made a significant step toward a more healthy body and mind.

Ken Gettinger

Investment Banker - Newport Beach, CA & Southampton, NY

I really enjoyed my first Thai Yoga Therapy session. Having never done yoga before, I thought it was a great way to be introduced to it and learn a little about my body, what it is capable of and where my tension seems to gather and why.

Tricia M.

Teacher - San Francisco, CA