YHET Foundations Program


FOUNDATIONS – 300Hrs Online (+Retreats for Certification)

Complete the YHET Foundations Program in one year – or more, depending on your personal timeline. 

The 50 pre-recorded lesson lectures, forum, coursework, and assignments are augmented with opportunities to attend regular live Q&A’s with head teacher and YHET creator, Dr. Heather George, provide superior mentoring and guidance as well as community building and support among students. These courses total an excess of 300-hours of instruction.

Many of these courses are available for open enrollment, require no pre-requisites, and are often eligible for use as CEUs for various healthcare professionals (inquire with us & your professional organizations requiring CE hours). All of these courses are required for those seeking YHET/IAYT accreditations (the advanced program) and who wish to serve within TLW’s healthcare ministry.  

You may begin and complete this Foundations Program at any time. 

There are four requirements if you wish to qualify for YHET certification:

    1. Completion of all 50 online lectures and coursework
    2. Attendance of three weekend retreats or equivalent
    3. Completion of two papers outlining case studies
    4. Oral and written exam by teacher

There are three three-day retreats as part of the course certification. These retreats can be taken in person (locations TBA) or as a distance learning option “remotely”, offered three times/year. The course may be completed without attending retreats but will not receive a formal certification.

Each retreat will cover yoga teachings, Sadhna, and therapeutic practices including:

  • Intro to Asian Bodywork & Yoga Therapy (ABYT)
  • The Endocannabinoid System from a Classical/Natural medical perspective
  • Standing, Squatting, Kneeling, Laying, and Sitting ~ The Lotus Way

*You may begin and complete this Foundations Program at your own pace. However, if you wish to seek YHET/IAYT Advanced accreditation, we encourage you to complete these courses in one year while starting the Advanced Program. This pace supports a cohesive learning experience and best outcomes for students. However, if you need more time, we encourage students to explore the Foundations Program at your own pace, and then begin the Advanced Program if/when you are ready.

*We do not place a limit on how many people enroll in the Foundations Program. However, we only accept 12 students each year for the Advanced Program

*Students enrolling in the YHET Advanced Program will complete these 3-day retreats within their seven 8-day retreat modules.

*If a student completes the YHET Foundations Program then wishes to continue into the Advanced Program at a later date, their three, 3-day retreat modules will be applied to their hours and reduce time and cost on three of the 8-day retreat modules.

Course Catalogue Coming Soon!

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