Endocannabinology & Cannabis

TBA Spring/Summer 2020

If you are in ANY healthcare profession and were not taught the Endocannabinoid System as one of the MAJOR systems of the body, or have started to learn about it and want to learn more and find practical ways to integrate this into your practices, than this part of our educational services is for YOU! 

If you are a ‘patient’ dealing with ANY health issues and want to get resources for better understanding this component of your physiology, and some of the ways various medical professionals are integrating this knowledge into their care, this program will support you to advocate for yourself as you work with your healthcare providers.

This is essential information for anyone in the ‘cannabis industry’. This credential will show employers, staff, and customers that you care about how use of ANY plants containing cannabinoids may affect various individuals differently, and for better &/or worse. 

Stay tuned here for the growing body of curriculum and resources in this exciting and vital field of healthcare.

Here are a few things to get you started. And of course, contact Dr George for consultations &/or to present to your organization (healthcare or cannabis industries).

COMING SOON: The Lotus Way’s Board Certification for ECS & Cannabis Natural Health Educators

Until then, enjoy a few of our existing publications and videos:

VIDEO: Dr G Discussing Body, Mind, Spirit, and the ECS

ARTICLES: Co-authored blog series from Margo Sperry of Urban Farmacy in Portland and Dr G

BOOK: Dr G’s main published work on the ECS from a classical medical perspective.

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