Yoga Therapy

Taking Applications Now!

The Lotus Way has created its flagship certification for YOGA HEALTH EDUCATOR & THERAPIST (YHET)Born from the ancient philosophies and practices of yoga (which included Asian influences from India, Tibet, China, Thailand, Japan, and beyond) and informed by modern knowledge and sciences. Students may complete our Foundations Program to receive a Foundations certificate for YHET. If you are ready to develop a hands-on practice as a therapist, our Advanced Program will prepare you to become a C-YHET and eligible for IAYT accreditation.

This point in time represents an exciting opportunity for YHETs! Though based in a long tradition of healing, yoga therapy is a relatively new occupation gaining awareness and recognition as an effective healing modality. This opening in healthcare is creating a new paradigm in wellness between the modern/western medical and classical/eastern medical fields from which yoga therapy evolved. Career opportunities are emerging at a rapid pace due to public demand and greater attention to research and use of natural healthcare systems and practices like yoga therapy.

Yoga Teacher

Coming Spring 2020!

Lead by one of West Virginia’s most dedicated and sincere yoga students and teachers (and Licensed Professional Counselor), Erika Laurenson.

Erika and Dr. George will combine their decades of studies and practice to provide a heart-centered 200-hour teacher training. This program will support new and seasoned teachers alike to deepen your practices and enhance the experiences of any yoga student that you work with. This training will be accredited by Yoga Alliance as well as meet all the prerequisites for the YHET Advanced Program.

Acupuncture Detox Specialist (ADS)

TBA Summer 2020

The ADS certification training is a 4-day course (for qualifying providers) that will be delivered by Dr. George in West Virginia & or any of the 23 states that currently have laws supporting NADA/ADS certification and licensure.

West Virginia has some of the highest numbers of individuals struggling with addiction and PTSD. Unfortunately, we also have the lowest number of licensed acupuncturists, and very few individuals who completed in-person clinical educations as OMDs (Oriental Medical Doctors). 

A native West Virginian, Dr George left to pursue her studies in education and natural medicines. 20+ years later, she has returned to serve and meet the growing healthcare needs and interests in the practices and medicines she has dedicated her life to offering. She realized that one of the best ways to do this is to heal the healers, teach the teachers, and work with the organizations that are doing the vital work of supporting the high needs in our community. 

The Lotus Way will be looking at all the ways we can offer community acupuncture services, including and beyond Acudetox. The benefit of working with Dr. George and her apprentices is that she is an OMD/LAc and can provide the best trainings and services to our community because of her background in these medicines.  

Endocannabinology & Cannabis

TBA Spring/Summer 2020

Board Certification for Endocannabinoid System (ECS) & Cannabis Health Educators

Check out blogs, articles, and a book we have posted and information on this upcoming program.