As we transition from Autumn to Winter this month, we celebrate transitions at the deepest levels. Maybe you see and feel this in your personal lives and the world around us. Moving into times of darkness can bring about profound transformation. 

In Chinese medicine, Winter represents the most Yin time of year. Yin is about going inward with our energies. Yin times encourage us to slow down and go deep. It is a wonderful time to consider conserving strength, and reflect on our health and how we can replenish our energies. One of our classical texts states, 
“Spring gives birth, Summer grows, Autumn harvests, and Winter stores” (春生, 夏長, 秋收, 冬藏).

Even yoga lineages have usurped the Chinese term for the re-store-ative practices, now often referred to as ‘yin yoga’. 

Here is what we have in ‘store’ for you this Winter:

The Lotus Way has eased into this time of transition by stepping into community-based organization as a church. The Lotus Way is dedicated to Spirit-based education and healthcare programs and services. With our roots deeply planted in the East Asian healing lineages, all we teach, study, and practice grows from wisdom passed along for millennia that honors the inseparable physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life (and death). 

In our transition, Heather (aka Dr. G.) is stepping into the role of Spiritual Director. She will continue to offer both private and group services on a donation basis to support the AOM Scholarship Foundation she directs. And we will be growing The Lotus Way to provide additional programs and services.  

I, Melissa Romano, will be working with The Lotus Way as I deepen my studies and practices, and help expand the services we offer to our community as we culminate this year and move toward 2020.

Similar to Shavasana (corpse pose), we associate this time of year with rebirth, the dying of the old and the birth of the new.
We are given many beautiful opportunities to truly cultivate these energies this month with focused yoga therapies and acupuncture treatments in both group and private sessions.
Private Sessions

The first private session I had with Dr. G. I told my friends that my life will now be referenced by “before my first session with Dr. G. and after my first session with Dr. G.” I would love to hear your experiences. If you are willing to share, please email us.  

If you’ve not had your own private session or are ready to book more sessions schedule here BOOK A SESSION 

Dr. G. will be out of town with her teachers the last week of December, so book now!
Group Offerings

Wednesday December 4, December 11, and December 18 we’ll have Yoga Nidra & Acupuncture. This group offering has grown so beautifully that we have to encourage booking and paying prior to class to reserve your spot.

This class offers our community a clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free, cross-cultural treatment opportunity that can be integrated with all other forms of medicine and healthcare.

This class integrates two powerful techniques from Dr. G’s lineages.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep is a guided practice that induces deep relaxation and recalibration of our mind, body, and spirit. There is evidence that Yoga Nidra helps to relieve stress and support healing on many levels.

Auricular Acupuncture is a classical medical practice that can treat the whole body, mind, and spirit as well. The main protocol used in this class (NADA) has been studied and used extensively by both military and addiction recovery centers around the world.

$20 donation suggested for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Scholarship Fund.

Please book your spot ahead of time at BOOK A CLASS

If the suggested donation is a hinderance, we are here to assist. Please contact Dr. G or myself and we will book your spot for you.

Join our facebook group Satsang ~ The Lotus Way  so that we may continue to stay connected, in open discussion, and supporting each other along our journeys.
Things to Come

The Lotus Way has been connecting, aligning, flowing, and growing.

ABYT: Asian Bodywork & Yoga Therapy courses. Our last offering of this 30 hour training was a weekend filled with amazing connection and learning. Those of us who attended have already implemented the work into our practices and are seeing the benefits tenfold. Soon these courses will also be approved CEUs for LMTs. If you, a group, or someone you know would be interested in this course please send your information to me or Dr. G.
Waitlist for Certified Yoga Therapy School: We have opened the waitlist for our 800hr Certified Yoga Therapist program. Yoga therapy can be beautifully integrated with other healing modalities, used in conjunction with western medical practices, and practiced as a stand-alone therapy. Adding this to any healing modality from occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage, personal training, yoga teachers, and many more. This point in time represents an exciting opportunity for yoga therapy. Though based in a long tradition of healing, yoga therapy is a relatively new occupation gaining awareness and recognition as an effective healing modality. This is creating a new paradigm in wellness bridging classical and modern healthcare fields. Career opportunities are emerging at a rapid pace due to public demand and greater attention to yoga therapy research. If you are ready to add your name to the waitlist please reply with your information and share with those you know would be interested.
Looking forward to connecting, aligning, flowing, and growing together.