November revolves around accepting death and accepting that everything that has a beginning, also has an end. It sounds painful, but it is not advised to fight against the ultimate law of nature: November teaches us how important it is to learn to let go. In the previous weeks – as the days got shorter and we started sensing the inevitable approach of the winter – we subconsciously started selecting the things that we will take with us into the next year, and have realized that there are also things that we should rather leave behind, as they are not serving us anymore. In November, it is time to let all of these go.

As Dr. G. So beautifully taught at our last Satsang it is only when we resist, or try to numb our pain, that’s when we suffer.

This reminds me of Santosha, a Sanskrit word derived from two root words: “San/m,” meaning completely, and “Tosha,” meaning contentment. Santosha is the practice of establishing complete contentment in our hearts. In classical yoga, the practice of santosha is taken on as a self purification process, or niyama. It is said that as one comes closer to the state of yoga or harmony, Santosha as a practice falls away, replaced by a clear seeing that things are “as they are,” which reveals a deep sense of already present contentment. In the meantime, working to embody contentment can bring us a sense of inner joy, peacefulness, flexibility, and reduced stress.

At its heart, practicing santosha, the niyama of contentment, allows us to merge with rather than deny the present moment, therefore opening to all the present moment’s teachings and magic.

As you enter this season of falling away and self-purification remember just how important our self practices are as well as gathering together to practice. 

Private Sessions

Dr. G. will be out of town November 10-19, book your November sessions at DrGWV soon.

Group Offerings

Wednesdays at 5:45 and 6:45 at The MindBodyCenter 

5:45 Yoga Nidra & Acupuncture

This class offers our community a clinically effective, cost-efficient, drug-free, cross-cultural treatment opportunity that can be integrated with all other forms of medicine and healthcare. Please share the flyer and invite those you know would benefit and book your spot HERE*November 13 will Yoga Nidra without acupuncture. Check upcoming news to see how you can begin the certification process to do acu-detox trainings so we can continue to host more auricular acupuncture groups or add it into your practice.

6:45 Satsang

We’re continuing to grow this amazing group and keep cultivating a conscious community. Please invite those you know would be dedicated to joining. Join our facebook group Satsang ~ The Lotus Way . You can also text/call Dr. G. or myself (304-476-2002).

Upcoming News

The Lotus Way has been connecting, aligning, flowing, and growing.
Acu-Detox Trainings: The WV Legislature passed HB 2324. This bill allows other licensed professionals to perform auricular acu-detox. The acupuncture protocol we’ve been using in our Wednesday Yoga Nidra classes. Soon Dr. G. Will be offering an approved training to apply for a certificate to practice. This will be a wonderful addition to the work that many of you are already doing. If you are interested in this training please attend Wednesday’s classes and make sure your name and email are added to our list of interest.

ABYT: Asian Bodywork & Yoga Therapy courses. Our last offering of this 30 hour training was a weekend filled with amazing connection and learning. Those of us who attended have already implemented the work into our practices and are seeing the benefits tenfold. Soon these courses will also be approved CEUs for LMTs. If you, a group, or someone you know would be interested in this course please send your information to me or Dr. G. 

Waitlist for Certified Yoga Therapy School: We have opened the waitlist for our 800hr Certified Yoga Therapist program. Yoga therapy can be beautifully integrated with other healing modalities, used in conjunction with western medical practices, and practiced as a stand-alone therapy. Adding this to any healing modality from occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage, personal training, yoga teachers, and many more. This point in time represents an exciting opportunity for yoga therapy. Though based in a long tradition of healing, yoga therapy is a relatively new occupation gaining awareness and recognition as an effective healing modality. This opening in healthcare is creating a new paradigm in wellness between the medical and yoga therapy fields. Career opportunities are emerging at a rapid pace due to public demand and greater attention to yoga therapy research. If are are ready to add your name to the waitlist please reply with your information and share with those you know would be interested.

Looking forward to connecting, aligning, flowing, and growing together.