I’m learning how to use all the bells and whistles of it. One of which is how to post things to my blog that will also go to my FB page, The Lotus Way. WordPress, here I come!

One of my first exercises is to make a SPECIAL OFFER FOR Dr G’s VIPS!
As many of you know, I wrote my doctoral capstone on the Endocannabinoid System. This work and other publications of mine will be posted on my website soon. Suffice to say for now, the various strains of cannabis sativas (both with and without THC) have been proven to have profound impacts on our Endocannabinoid System, and therefor can significantly affect our health. It is a complex and fascinating topic that I have spend many years studying very deeply. The strains with low/no THC and high amounts of CBD have not only been found to help with many conditions, but present very few contraindications and are now finally available on the open market.  Of course, this means there are now a ton of CBD products out there… and they are not all created equal. Although I do not wish to represent any particular products for ethical reasons as an herbalist and Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine who has specialized on the topic of cannabinoids; I have researched the current product market extensively, and would like to offer you all a special deal on one product that I know is made well and is also the best priced high-quality CBD oil that I currently know of.

To celebrate the launch of my new website and online practice, I am offering all who visit my site a discount on one of my favorite products. I do not make any profit from this promotion. It is mostly a gift from my colleague and friend Elisabeth Ames Dunham (owner of Lava Love) that she is allowing me to pass along to all of you. Thank you Elisabeth, LavaLove, and especially grateful for every one of you who are reading this. There will be many more offerings on this VIPS (Very Important Patient Students) page in the future. It is going to be my pleasure and honor to serve each of you on your healing journeys through this website and beyond.

This is an organic, whole plant, full-spectrum CBD Oil discount being offered just to friends, family, and patient-students of Dr Heather George.
Great way to save big on natural, mint, or blueberry flavored Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil. Rich in cannabinoids that can be used internally &/or externally for anxiety, depression, aches, pains, and more. The savings is huge!
$70 off all 8 oz products that you order using the coupon code HEATHER.
This offer is valid thru April 1.
My discount brings the per oz cost to under $25! (Retail for high quality properly prepared CBD oils average $50/oz).