It makes sense that we hold an ideal to be peaceful, compassionate and loving with each other, and ourselves all the time.

A dedicated spiritual practice will certainly help us embody and live these qualities.  There is however a misperception that we do not need to pick up our swords and fight some daemons to get to the light, the truth.

It is fascinating how much time and energy we will spend battling over the mundane challenges in our daily lives (traffic, money, discontent with a lover or a job).  Yet, when it comes time to fight the real battle… the thing inside each of us that is blocking our ability to grow, to open, to be free to live from an authentic, fearless and loving place with ALL that is in our lives… we shy away from the battle.   We find excuses to avoid doing the work.   We end relationships, quit jobs, move, blame anyone or anything for our circumstance rather than face the true fear that is causing our discontent.

Refusing to engage with and do the work, refusing to face our fears and that which is triggering our pain-body will never bring us the freedom we all desire.  Anywhere you turn, if you are turning away from that, you will always end up facing your fears again.   You will be choosing denial, escape, numbing out.    You will be stranded on the battle field and feel as a victim.    Maybe for periods of time you will find ‘happiness’ by constantly distracting yourself from your pain with a new job, a new relationship, new home, etc.  Or maybe you’ll find temporary relief in seclusion from the external world on some level.    Any relief found by turning away will be shallow and most likely short lived.   The only option to conquer that which plagues us, is to turn and face it as a warrior of light.

The challenge in this conscious battle with fear is that once we turn to face it, we usually realize that the external circumstance that we thought we needed to fight (friend, job, traffic, politics, etc) is not the source of our suffering.  In fact, it was most likely the source of our opportunity to grow and heal from the true source of our suffering.  Our perceived enemy is often our most precious gift!

When we step into our true power with intention of loving and honoring ourselves, we begin to face and fight our deepest fears.   When we conquer those, we realize how strong we truly are.  We see that we are not victims and that we most likely can start loving the very same things and people we were resisting and fighting.

Many of those things we have been fighting are out of balance.  This does not mean they are what we should be battling or separating ourselves from.

We must first eradicate that within us which does not serve our abilities to live in open hearted connection, peace, love and wonder of all that is.   Once we have found the courage to do this, we will stand on that same battle field with our arms outstretched and welcome in all that life offers us with a clear mind and an open heart.  We will all take responsibility for our actions.  We will each be willing to show up and do the work to create change in the things we can and let go with gratitude and love those things that we cannot change.  When we meet others who are willing to engage consciously in this way, we will be reminded of one of the greatest truths that has been lost in our attempts to avoid and separate from each other.  We will remember that we are One.

So, stop for a moment and look at who & what you are fighting/avoiding/pushing away in your life right now.  These are your mirrors!

Now, bring your energy back into yourself.   What within you are you afraid of letting go of that is creating these negative projections?  What deep hurt or fear is keeping you from seeing every one and every thing around you as the perfect opportunities to live, grow and thrive at this time?  Pick up your sword and cut from the very root anything within you that is holding you back from living fully with what is.

Fight this fight, and only this fight… and you will be free.  Even if no one else around you does it… you will be free.

If you are in a relationship with someone else who is willing to do this work… do it together.  Stop fighting each other and help each other instead battle your internal demons so that you can once again see each other with open hearts.

So, I’d love to say that being a Yogini has made me a warmer and fuzzier person.  I like warm and fuzzy, it feels sooo good!  Yet, my practice has made me a warrior of light… willing to brave the battlefield and face everything that shows up and triggers my pain body.   Willing to search and fight for the truth that each challenging relationship &/or experience offers me.  And it is not always a warm and fuzzy experience.  It is hard.  It hurts.  And yet, it is where I have touched the deepest and most Divine aspects of myself and of life.  It is where I have experienced the most growth and emerged stronger, lighter and freer.  More authentic, fearless and loving.

As I stand in this ‘field’ and look around, I see others who are doing the work and celebrate our victories.   I also see and feel compassion for those who are still fighting &/or running from false demons, unconsciously avoiding the real battle.  And I open my heart and hold out my arms (sword in hand) and say to them… come; let us do battle today.  I love you and am willing to fight for the truth.  We Are One.


(Inspired by lessons learned through my yoga practice, and a living amongst some spectacular Warriors of Light.)