Note inspired by ‘government shutdown, obamacare, etc’

It is because of the series of events that has inevitably led us to this time and place of economic and political melt down, that I resisted a conventional teaching position and have NOT become a licensed M.D., yet spent my life studying education and the healing arts/medicine/science.

In my very humble opinion… we are past a tipping point and must allow for the decline and inevitable collapses that have begun and will continue to come on an ever increasing basis from here.

It is why I don’t make much money… but am always ready and willing to show up for anyone who requests my help and offer whatever services I can.

Insurance won’t cover me, and I’ve not found a way to make a business out of teaching/healing that focuses on profit when my primary goal must be following my heart and serving yours.  So, I work on a sliding scale or donation basis when necessary.  And I’ve been paying for my own health insurance my entire life.

I focus on preventative healthcare for myself and others when ever possible and then address all chronic and acute diseases as naturally as possible before turning to allopathic options as a last resort… because they are either no more effective, financially unfeasible for most, or often just plain dangerous treatments being promoted for the sake of creating profits for the med/pharma systems that are using politics, big corporations & mass media to make it nearly impossible to truly learn about and care for the health of our people.

As for the political shenanigans going on, suffice to say the documents that have governed this country were created by a group of men who represented less than 6% of the population in their time, and did so on the backs of a displaced (to say the least) indigenous population, imported slave labor and without any input from their mothers and wives.  These and other neglected, abused and unacknowledged demographics fought long hard battles to be acknowledged over the last few centuries in order to be included in and acknowledged by that small demographic (white male landholders).  Unfortunately, the fact still remains that the system was fundamentally flawed from the get go.  And all the revisions and additions are being done within that fatally diseased system.  At some point, we must face this fact and stop feeding the dis-eased system so it can die and a new foundation can be built by and for the people… truly… all the people.

It is time for more of us (all of us) to take healthcare and education back into the hands of the people.  It is the only way.  And soon, we will have no choice but to do so.   It is being done on a grassroots level now bigger than ever.  We need it to go mainstream now.

I hope we can do it before it is a forced shift… as a community… consciously… preventatively… nationally… globally.

Alas and sadly… this has not been the way our species evolves for the most part.  We wait for chaos to force us.   And so it may be in this case once again.   The signs certainly point to this as the most likely scenario.

Either way, I and many others are out here… ready and willing to serve those who are ready and willing to let go of a corrupt, dysfunctional healthcare, education, economic, political systems and reconnect to each other and the earth and practices that have and will continue to sustain us so far beyond any that this young and failing government’s system ever will.   This is not to say that discoveries made under the umbrella of ‘western progress’ are a total write off.   Far from it.  They simply need to become more integrative and removed from a profit-driven system.   Only then will they find their way into a healthy and balanced flow and truly be a healthy part of an effective and sustainable system that genuinely cares for the well being of it’s people.

Until then, the majority will continue to struggle along, dependent on a corrupt system… because that is the state which is necessary to ensure that the minority can remain in control and profiting so disproportionately.

Luckily, there are genuine teachers/healers/scientists/artists in the world who will continue to love and serve those willing to look beyond the smoke & mirrors.  To find ways to live off the corrupt grids as much as possible.   With perseverance and practice, many will find their way beyond the chaos of these times to a place of peace.

Here’s to those brave souls who are walking this path.  The forefathers and mothers of our future.

All are welcome.

It is The Lotus Way