A comment I just posted in a discussion with someone (a TCM practitioner) who does not (yet) believe that homeopathy and other energy-based medicines are valid:

“‘TCM’ was actually created as a western-minded approach using ‘Chinese’ medicine. Those with TCM training who study the Classical roots of our medicine, learn and move beyond this mindset into the lineages within our filed of medicine that allow the mind/heart to see what the western-minded cannot (yet). This goes for all ‘natural medicines’ with deep roots that include the yet immeasurable aspects of our existence. I have met quite a few brilliant physicists, neuroscientists, immunologists, and MDs who have (through a great deal of study and practical experiences & observations) found their way down the rabbit hole.  It’s super fun to speak with these folks. As for those still firmly rooted in a modern/western scientific approach to medicine (and life)… I think the best thing to do is open the door yet not spend too much of our time trying to shine the light on the passageways. “There is a road, no simple highway, Between the dawn and the dark of night, And if you go no one may follow, That path is for your steps alone”

The character I’m attaching to this post is shén. This is most often translated as ‘spirit’. It is at the root of our medicine. And I believe any ‘medicine’ that does not take this immeasurable aspect of existence into account, will never be a truly and fully effective medicine.

This is a foundational teaching of The Lotus Way.