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Enrich Your Practices

The Lotus Way is a 501c3 non-profit organization

 We are a church with a healthcare ministry. We provide a variety of educational services for healthcare practitioners from all fields of medicine. We also provide services for people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to integrate natural and classical medicines, therapies, and practices into their lives. The foundations of our services are rooted in the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit in all that we do. 

In addition to weekly services, private and group sessions, and a variety of classes, retreats, and trainings; Our flagship educational service is our 800+ hour YHET program. This training is also the foundation of our ordination process for our healthcare ministry program.

The Story of ‘The Lotus Way’

The name for our organization came to our founder, Dr G, one day in 2001 during a yoga/meditation practice, a few months after selling her television stations and production company. She got up off of her mat and by the end of that day had created and launched a website.

She knew she wanted to make mind-body-Spirit growth and healing her life’s work both personally and professionally. What began as one individual’s mission has grown to cultivate members spanning the country and a grassroots home community growing out of West Virginia, with roots in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Hawaii.

The philosophies behind all of our services are rooted in the teachings of ‘The Lotus Way’.

Bloom like a lotus.

Root yourself.

See “mud” as nourishment.

Heal yourself.

Rise up through life’s murky waters.

Transform yourself.

Be a healing presence in the world.

This is Living and Healing

The Lotus Way