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I am a lifelong student and humble teacher of Classical Natural Medicine Systems including:

Acupuncture/pressure, Breath and Body work, Yoga/Meditation, Movement, Diet, Lifestyle, and Herbal Therapies.

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I offer all prospective patient – students one complimentary 15 minute phone or video call.


Therapy Sessions

Remote and in-person therapy sessions.  Focus on improving mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial aspects of your life.

Publications & Courses

Resources and practices for people of all abilities and levels of experience that will transform your life from the inside out.

Custom Retreats

Immersive, half-day, full-day, and multi-day experiences available.  Small Group Custom retreats for laypeople and medical professionals.

Ceremonial Officiant

Contact Dr George to discuss offiating marriages, births, deaths, and other sacred occasions.  Custom quotes provided.

Story of ‘The Lotus Way’

The name for my organization came to me one day in 2001 during my yoga/meditation practice, a few months after selling my television stations and production company. I got up off of my mat and by the end of that day had created and launched my website, and I knew I wanted to make mind-body-spirit growth and healing my life’s work both personally and professionally. The philosopies behind all of our services are rooted in the teachings of ‘The Lotus Way’.

Bloom like a lotus.

See “mud” as nourishment.

Heal yourself.

Rise up to your best self.

Transform your surroundings.

Be a healing presence in the world.

This is Living and Healing

The Lotus Way

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